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Make Your Event A Remarkable One

Welcome to Remarkable Bands is not a booking agency, instead is a remarkable group of musical artists who have joined forces to offer services directly to clients in an effort to provide quality entertainment, make booking easier, and keep cost affordable.

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Nitro Party Band

Nitro Party Band consistently delivers on sizzling, fiery performances ignited with the energy and style of the greatest hits of our time.

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Heather Hayes Reveals Her Musical Secrets

Heather Hayes wants you to know something: She is not her father. Can you dig it? Growing up as Isaac Hayes' daughter afforded her a comfortable life, but trying to escape his shadow hasn't been easy since she started her own music career. "Most people don't see me -- they see him first, and the expectation is much greater," she said, the practiced tone of her response making it clear this wasn't the first time she'd discussed the problem. "If I'm not almost perfect, then it was awful. "There's not a lot of leeway to be mediocre just because of all that he's accomplished and the extraordinary expectation of what I should be. (People) don't separate that we're two totally different human beings."

Although she's constantly fighting an uphill battle to make a distinction between herself and her father, a childhood surrounded by music inevitably set her on a path similar to his, she said. "(Growing up, it) was all about being creative," she said. "Music was definitely all around. My dad would get boxes of records, and I would go through the boxes, play the records and make up an entire performance." Not every child of celebrity goes on to achieve a parent's fame, and name recognition isn't necessarily advantageous in the attempt, she said.

When the time came to leave her performing-arts school, Hayes said she was careful not to let people know who she was to avoid achieving success solely because of her father. On her own merits, she got a spot on a show with James Brown. She stayed there for five years, working as a dancer and later as a singer. Swearing all those aware of who her father was to silence, she managed three months of secrecy before a friend of the family recognized her and let the cat out of the bag. "From that point on, he knew, and I remember him coming in my dressing room and asking me, 'Why didn't you tell me? You probably would have had a job a long time ago,' " she said. "But I wanted to be hired because I was good, not because my father was good. I didn't want to get a free pass."

In 2004, she formed her band, the Heather Hayes Band, and has been touring with them ever since. Her shows cover a lot of ground, musically. Their song list includes artists from 50 Cent and Frank Sinatra to Van Morrison and The Black Eyed Peas. Given the variety of songs, her voice is powerful and versatile by necessity, drawing from a number of influences -- most directly divas such as Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston.

Her repertoire might surprise those expecting a heavy emphasis on funk or soul like her father, but circumstance makes the artist, and she didn't have the same experiences he did growing up. "I wasn't a kid who grew up in the ghetto. I was a suburban kid who liked Pat Benatar," she said, laughing. "(My father's) music told a story of where he came from, but I really didn't come from that."

Fans of Issac's music will get a chance to judge her for themselves when she takes the stage at Rhythm & Brews tonight.


AMC Takes Florida By Storm

Atlanta based production company, AMC Performance Company and it's Atlanta cast, provided fans in Destin, FL a sneak preview of their latest production, entitled We Were Funky Live! WWF Live! is a musical stage adaptation of the We Were Funky documentary, currently in production. Executive Producers of the documentary sought out AMC to produce a live musical stage version of the documentary to enhance the We Were Funky brand. We Were Funky Live! is a 70's/80's Funk/R&B and Disco stage musical celebration. The setting takes place in Atlanta, GA in the fictitious Omni Theatre, named after the now defunct Omni coliseum, a venue that hosted many 70's and 80's star-studded events.

The show was for the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation in Destin, FL, and took place at their Cultural Arts Village. The Maxx performs annually for their Summer Concerts In the Village Series. "Since we're the band for the We Were Funky Live! production, we thought it would be a great opportunity to take some of the AMC cast members to Destin to give concert goers a sneak preview of the show", says bandleader Rod Whittaker.

Complete with costume changes, 8ft. LED video screen, curtain calls and encores; the show was met with rave reviews. "Now we have to worry about topping this performance next year when we return without the cast", says Whittaker jokingly.

Go to for more info on the documentary.

Win, Win, Win!

As we all know, the most successful deals create a win/win scenario, but in the case of Remarkable Bands, we've created a Win/Win/Win opportunity. Event Planners and vendors across the country are cashing in on Remarkable Bands' Remarkable Affiliate program. 'Affiliates earn commissions by referring a remarkable band to talent buyers. When a referral results in a booking, affiliates are paid a commission based on the contract price.

Conventional wisdom tells us, you must put the time in to get something out, but not in this case. Affiliates simply refer, and Remarkable Bands does the rest. So who are the winners? Remarkable Bands, Remarkable Affiliates, and the talent buyer for booking remarkable entertainment. "Sounds good to us".                               Click here for more info.

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Like the gift of the classic ring whose name they have donned; your family, work, or capstone event will be indelibly marked in time.







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Anita & Party Life
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Heather Hayes Experience
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