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Gotta' Give It Up (An Evening With Marvin Gaye)



Even die-hard Marvin Gaye fans —the ones who will blast Ain’t That Peculiar and Distant Lover — will revel in an evening alive with the soul of Marvin Pentz Gay Jr., the iconic singer, song-writer, drummer, pianist, arranger, performer, and producer whose brilliant music spanned three decades and multiple musical genres before his untimely departure from this earth. 


We now know how truly ahead of his time Marvin Gaye was, and Chae Stephen, creator and star of Gotta' Give it Up: An Evening With Marvin Gaye, dazzles the ears with the original, mystical, funky, soulful, rhythmic, smooth, spiritual sounds of Marvin Gaye, celebrating his life and his cosmic-sized contribution to music. 


Got ta Give it Up pays homage to all the songs we love by Marvin Gaye, and delivers full-bodied renditions of classics like Let’s Get It On and Just To Keep You Satisfied just as it would have been delivered to you back in the day.    


Chae Stephen has absolutely embodied the voice of Marvin Gaye. Through his own love and passion for the man and his music,  Gotta' Give it Up brings the incredible sounds from Motown, through the funky 70’s, and all the way into the eclectic 80’s to you, live and directly linked into the spirit of Marvin Gaye and all those gifted souls who worked with him through the years to create the unique, beautiful, universally loved sounds that characterized his music.  And just when you think the show couldn’t get any better, Chae transports you on a journey into the Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell duet years. And the hits just keep on coming.


It is time to acknowledge the genius of Marvin Gaye and his timeless music with his always cutting-edge and progressive content, for the truly amazing artist that he was and continues to be as music keeps Goin On! Gotta’ Give It Up (An Evening With Marvin Gaye).

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